The 2016-2017 CUSP team is composed of 18 fourth-year students from various streams of engineering. The students are divided into three teams depending on the focus of their work, and each team is lead by an Engineering and Design faculty member.

Actuation Team

Lead Engineer: Robert Langlois

L-R:Liam Neave, Karim Youssef, Oscar Zambrano-Cantor, Robert Langlois (LE), Mark Williams, and Nikhitha Gajudhur

Control Team

Lead Engineer: Rishad Irani

L-R:Ara Abdulrahman, Kyle Ouellete, Shayne Sullivan, Dominik Prymicz, Josh Byun, Anna Wailand, and in front, Bobby Wong. Absent: Rishad Irani (LE)

Structural Team

Project Manager/Lead Engineer: John Hayes

L-R: Haozhe Huang, Erfan Khademagha, Ahmed Shabaan, Jane Schwering, Mila Kanevsky, and Thit Tun. Absent: John Hayes (LE)

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