Stop, Drop & Roll

With the 2016-2017 term quickly approaching its conclusion, the CUSP team members are sprinting to the finish line to complete their individual tasks, striving to accomplish a common objective, the year’s project razor, ‘Stop, Drop, and Roll‘. By the end of the term, the CUSP team has set the goal of having complete control of the 6-DOF full scale Atlas Sphere. And although the project remains on schedule, some major milestones still have to be met before complete control of the sphere can be attained.

The Control Team is diligently configuring communications between the system’s controllers, sensors, and actuators. Careful design here is critical to ensure safe and reliable flight simulations.

The Sphere Team is strategically assessing and renovating the inside of the Atlas Sphere. This includes rewiring the inner hardware components, implementing an emergency stop, installing hatch doors, as well as weighing all of the Sphere’s components to respect the system’s load constraints.

The Actuation Team has determined that the Sphere’s Platform needs to be re-engineered before any simulations can take place. Facing a compressed schedule, the Actuation Team is forced to maximize their organizational efforts to redesign, manufacture, and install the new Atlas Sphere Platform. The team is hoping to accomplish this tall task within the next few weeks.

Under the command of the Lead Engineers, and fuelled by the high hopes of stopping, dropping, and rolling the Atlas Sphere before the end of the 2016-2017 term, the CUSP Team is firing on all cylinders.

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